Oefening 10: Savoring Gratitude

Here's a novel way to practice gratitude. I wonder what would happen if many of us chose to practice this on a daily basis between now and Thanksgiving?

Pick something that you like. Make sure it is a physical object that could theoretically be put into a wheelbarrow of the necessary size. For this exercise, watermelon would work; love probably would not, because love can't fit into a wheelbarrow!

  1. How do you feel when you are enjoying this thing?
  2. What need(s) of yours are met when this is in your presence?
  3. Savor
  4. Pick one component of this thing. This could be a constituent part or a portion of the process that leads to the creation or presence of this thing.
  5. What need(s) of yours are met because of the existence of this?
  6. Savor
  7. Repeat above or pick a component of this thing and Repeat.
  8. Continue until you notice a shift in your body to openness or more openness. Feel free to continue from moment to moment!

Example: I like watermelon.
When I'm eating watermelon, I feel happy! It contributes to my sustenance, to beauty, and to fun.
Savor sustenance...
Savor beauty...
Savor fun...

For this piece of watermelon to get onto my plate and into my mouth required Jori (my partner) to purchase it and bring it home. Connecting with that I see how her action contributed to my well-being, so my need for support is met!
Savor support...
Savor well-being...

Realizing that for Jori to purchase the watermelon required a flow of money into our lives, reminding me of the many folks who have given us money...I'm connecting with one specific person who gave us money recently, a friend in Guam. Receiving this gift contributed to my well-being and my sense of interdependence and community!
Savor interdependence...
Savor community...

Savoring reminds me of the multitude of people who contributed to me having that watermelon! Someone at the store unloaded the truck, another stocked the shelf, someone else rung up the purchase; somebody loaded the truck in the first place, and drove it to the store; and I can trace this all the way back to a farmer placing the seed in the ground and working to nurture the well-being of the watermelon and the land from planting to harvesting... and someone else harvested the seed that became that watermelon! And some ancestor, bless his/her heart, first discovered watermelon (or a cousin) and began cultivating it as food for my ancestors...

Of course there are other threads (the people who designed and built the truck, the roadways, the store itself, the invention of asphalt and fuel and all the workers who made it all happen. Wow! What a conspiracy of positive intention that I am enjoying as I savor this watermelon, right now!

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