Intention and Attention as Keys to NVC

with Ruud Baanders and Bridget Belgrave

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“Think about your intentionality – are you getting lost in the method or coming from the intentionality, the purpose? You don’t want to do the mechanics without the consciousness.”

“I developed NVC as a way to train my attention – to shine the light of consciousness – on places that have the potential to yield what I am seeking.”

Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC


Intention and attention are fundamental to your NVC practice and make a huge difference to connection and outcomes, yet they are harder to identify, develop and maintain than the skills of communicating about observations, feelings, needs and requests.

We became curious about this a couple of years ago, and dived deeply into it, reading, exploring and experimenting. We wanted to find a way to be more consciously aware of our attention and intentions that integrated with our NVC practice. We also wanted to develop an inclusive approach to this topic that spoke to others whatever their cosmology and spirituality.

Out of our experiences we created this innovative and exploratory workshop.

The workshop will enable you to

  • Expand the dimensions of how you understand and apply NVC
  • Awaken your own insights about the topics we will be exploring
  • Develop increased clarity and capability in how you use intention and attention in your NVC practice, and in your life
  • Be more powerful in creating the quality of relationships you want, and the world you want to live in

We will explore

  • What is intention
  • What intentions you choose, and why
  • How does your spirituality influence your intentions
  • How can you powerfully activate your intentions
  • What is attention
  • What effect does attention have
  • Choosing the quality and focus of your attention
  • How attention and intention interconnect

There will be a clear conceptual framework linking to experiential learning activities, with time for discussion and integration of your learning. You will have a chance to connect deeply with a challenging situation in your daily life using our new ‘needs-based intention-making’ floor map, that builds on the NVC self-empathy process.

Ruud Baanders and Bridget Belgrave

Ruud Baanders and Bridget BelgraveWe are both CNVC certified trainers and share many views and understandings – but not all! We are married, and enjoy to work together sometimes, to offer a supportive, loving, non-judgmental space.

Ruud: I worked for 35 years in a large multinational company (research, training, strategy, business development, leadership development). Since 2008 I have been self-employed sharing NVC, practising Reiki, and teaching zen. Meeting Marshall in 2006 kick-started my journey with NVC and I became a certified NVC trainer in 2011. My life is very much about spirituality, having met various spiritual teachings and teachers, and having been practicing Zen for over 25 years. In last few years my NVC work has focused on bringing these two strands together, NVC and Zen, e.g. through my ‘NVC and Zen’ workshops for the Zen Peacemakers community. I am Dutch and I have been living in the UK for the last 8 years, being very happily married to Bridget. My creative passion is playing music – meditative, classical and folk – on the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute).

Bridget: For almost 40 years my work has focused on mind-body awareness practices, healing, and spiritual development, first through the Alexander Technique and Psychosynthesis, and for the last 20 years through Nonviolent Communication (NVC). I also have an interest in learning styles, and have created NVC workshop designs and training materials suitable for a range of learning/teaching styles, including the NVC Dance Floors (co-created with Gina Lawrie, and now in eleven languages). I teach NVC facilitation and trainer skills around the world, including how to use the Dance Floors in various settings. I also run NVC workshops on other themes, do NVC-based counselling, and enjoy participating in projects integrating NVC with theatre. Prayer and meditation are very important to me, and I also paint and write. I live in Oxford, UK, with my dear husband Ruud.

When and where

Wednesday 6th February – Friday 8th February 2019 from 9:15 am – 4:30 pm in Rotterdam (Centrum Djoj). Trainers: Ruud Baanders and Bridget Belgrave.

Practical information

Spoken language is English. Exercises can be done in Dutch. Occasional translation is possible f.e. if you feel more comfortable in raising your question in Dutch.

Required experience: since this is a deepening training we expect you to have 4 days of training with a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. If you want to discuss your situation feel free to contact us.

Investment: €400 for individuals, €550 for independent professionals, €725 for companies (no VAT charged and including all materials, coffee/tea and lunch).

If you are looking for a place to stay nearby, the training location Djoj offers this at the ‘slaaphuis’ for €20 euro per night in a dorm room, breakfast included- for more information and/or to make a reservation, please contact Djoj directly at info@djoj.nl.

Further information

For further information or to subscribe you can call +31-10-4650068 or send an e-mail to Ingrid Bouland at mail.

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