Lezing Thomas d'Ansembourg

Peace, it’s about learning ! Like football, math, languages and driving a car…

We have created a society based on relationships of power-mistrust-rejection rather than on relationships of collaboration-trust-welcoming, more concerned with the axis of doing and having than with the axis of being and spirit. This society proves to be both centrifugal (those who now have nothing more to gain in the materialistic competition also have nothing to lose, and have begun tragically to let it know) and deadly (we have learned more to compensate our ill-being than to nourish a state of contagious well-being).

The transformation of the world that is accelerating before our eyes – and the violence that goes with it – indicates a profound change of society. In front of this new paradigm, we become increasingly aware that personal inner change is the key to sustainable social change.

To change the level of consciousness, we need to go through a learning process (knowledge of oneself and self pacific-action, taming the ego, openness of heart and awareness, management of emotions, assertiveness, listening and empathy, inspiration and alignment on our life impulse…). All learning process involves method, rigor, determination, discipline and time.

We also need to experience feeling alive in a living world, being connected, belonging and enchanted to belong to this movement of expansion and interaction that is called life.

This conference is an invitation to become aware of the means and power that each of us has, far beyond what we believe we know about ourselves, to re-enchant the world and the relations. By developing what Thomas d’Ansembourg calls (in french) « une intériorité citoyenne » ( an inner life at the service of citizenschip and community), everyone can learn to put the best of oneself at the service of all.

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