Nonviolent Communication™ training & workshops

At Ai-opener we define our purpose as “to contribute to a world that works for everyone, and we believe that connection is (the) key”. With that in mind we are dedicating our energy to share Nonviolent Communication (also known as Collaborative Communication) because we have all personally experienced its effectiveness. Our name is inspired by the Japanese character ‘Ai’, which means harmony or connection, combined with the idea of an eye-opener.

Ai-opener consists of trainers that are internationally certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). Current trainers include Martin van der Meulen, Christiaan Zandt, Dionne Verbeet, Jenny Giezeman, Tineke Hertsenberg and Eva Schneijderberg. We enjoy to work with people and organisations that are conscious that the quality of their communication is essential for the quality of their relationships, privately and/or professionally.

We have extensive in-company training experience in Dutch and English. Organisations for which we have designed NVC-training programs include Microsoft, Aidsfund, Triodos bank, L’Oréal, Erasmus Medical Center and Flevo hospital. Here you can read some interviews with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, where he is promoting Nonviolent Communication to his employees.

Most of our public workshops are in Dutch. However, as part of our 15th anniversary celebrations, in the coming year we are running several workshops in English with internationally renowned trainers. Here you can find our international calendar:

International calender
Intention and Attention as Keys to NVC:
6-8 February 2019
Education for Life with NVC - deepening:
17 & 18 May 2019
Reconnecting to joy
11 en 12 juni

More information about Nonviolent Communication in Dutch is available on our website. For information in English you can visit the website nonviolentcommunication.com.

Booklet Nonviolent Communication

Feel free to download this little booklet with the Nonviolent Communication™ process.