Where people work together, communication is crucial. Communication that works ensures that everyone can contribute effectively and that people are willing to learn from each other. In such a case, people not only work together within an organization, but the organization also works for its people.

Connecting Communication contains a concrete set of skills, tips and insights that make the ‘how’ of connection, cooperation and empathy concrete. And that also leads to greater effectiveness. Here you will find some practical examples.

It is common for people who have participated in a training as a kind of ambassador to introduce Connecting Communication into their organization. For example, over the years we have served employees of all kinds of organizations with in-company training.

As a trainer of Ai-opener, we have a wealth of experience in setting up large and small-scale training programs on Connecting Communication. And that at various types of organizations such as Aidsfonds and COC, Cavent and Flevoziekenhuis (care), Bo-ex (housing corporation), Prorail, NS and Defense ((semi-) government), Horizon Jeugdzorg and Albeda (Education), Triodos, Microsoft, Atos and L’Oréal (commercial).

For example, an in-company process can focus on:

  • creating more openness and connection in collaboration between departments and within teams
  • empathetic listening and setting clear boundaries, for example if a customer or colleague expresses himself ‘aggressively’
  • giving and receiving clear feedback in order to be able to learn and develop together
  • effectively dealing with conflicting interests, in order to get out of a conflict with synergy, creativity and solutions that work for all involved.

Read some case descriptions of training programs developed by us within organizations. On this page you will read some interviews from Forbes and Time with the CEO of Microsoft in which he recommends Nonviolent Communication to his employees.

Ai-opener always delivers tailor-made solutions when developing connecting communication training courses for specific organizations.

The aim is to match the current development needs of the organization and wishes for change. If you are interested and want to discuss the possibilities of an in-company process, we are happy to talk to you.