“How to communicate with compassion without forgetting your own interests?” “Is it possible to get from conflict to synergy and from compromise to win/win?” “How can you empower your communication skills?”


During this intensive two-day training:

  • You learn to use the tools of Connective Nonviolent Communication during conversations with colleagues, managers, team-members, customers and business partners
  • You learn to empathize (with yourself and your conversation partner) and connect with one’s deeper values and needs
  • You get clarity about assuming responsibility for your feelings/actions and its limitations
  • You develop your skills to get from (seemingly) conflicting interests to solutions that are beneficiary to all parties involved

Core of this training is the process of Nonviolent Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg. Some Aikido-exercises will be used to illustrate and experience various communication concepts. Participants will work mainly with cases from their own workplace.


Productive interactions with colleagues and others in your (working) environment.

Target audience

This training is for those:

  • Who have the purpose to communicate with clarity and connection at work;
  • Who are interested in Nonviolent Communication;
  • Who are communicating partly/mainly in English;


This training will be facilitated by Martin van der Meulen, internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication.

Dates and venue

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